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Salma Navarrette

Salma Navarette
Elementary School Student
We might come here next week with my whole class.

Salma Navarrette is a student from Plainfield Elementary School. She has been to Cache Creek Nature Preserve on school field trips.






In your opinion, why is this place important?

Cache Creek Nature Preserve is important to me because it keeps the places for animals to live. They help the animals and help people to learn about the animals.

Would you like to read your story?

My title is "Cache Creek Adventures." I'm going to tell you about all the fun adventures you can have at Cache Creek. You can go on the water and catch creatures in the water and get tadpoles. You can also learn what they eat and what their insides look like. Sometimes if you see an animal such as a frog when you are trying to catch it, stay very still, then it will land on your fishing net. That's my little secret. You can also go onto the ledge and look at the birds. Last time I was looking through binoculars. I thought I was adjusting the binoculars, but the bird was flying toward the bird food next to me. Oh, and there's this cool place that has animals in it, but the animals aren't live. It's just their bodies, but there's also live animals in the tanks. When you're done looking around, you can grab a partner and dissect owl or rabbit pellets or a rat's body.

What other impact has this reserve had on you? Do you have any feelings that you want to share?

I just like it 'cause it's like a place for peace and where you can get some time alone and some quietness. It makes me feel calm and wanting to come back more, 'cause it's like really fun here.

Written by: 
Albee Wei

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