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Ben Adamo


Ben moved to Yolo County in 1974 to work in the mining industry. Since then he has been involved in all aspects of gravel mining including facility construction, equipment operation, permitting, and reclamation planning.

Ben Adamo

Collaboration and Compromise

The Board of Supervisors updates the gravel mining ordinance, increasing fees for companies that mine along Cache Creek to 10 cents per ton of aggregate sold to go to the Cache Creek Conservancy.

Mastodon Discovery

 gravel mining company uncovers a bone of a mastodon near the Preserve and donates it to Yolo County to be stored at the Cache Creek Nature Preserve. 

Birth of the Cache Creek Nature Preserve

Teichert donates 130 acres to the County to provide a sanctuary for wildlife and to be used as a center for environmental education.

Voters approve the Cache Creek Area Plan

In November Yolo County voters approve Proposition D (the Cache Creek Area Plan) with a 61% vote. Aggregate mining is thus moved out of the active stream channel.