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Lynnel Pollock


Lynnel and her family operate a farm on the banks of Cache Creek where they grow a variety of row crops, grain, and walnuts.

Lynnel Pollock

Yolo County struggles over mining policy

Yolo County officials continue to struggle over a policy to govern gravel mining on Cache Creek.

Teichert makes rennovations

Early 1990s
Teichert realizes that certain sections of its property along the creek (excluding the pit site) have been severely neglected, with some areas being used as trash dumps.

Mammoth found in Cache Creek

Farmer Joe Farnham finds the remains of a 92,000-year-old mammoth in the creek bed just west of what will become the Cache Creek Nature Preserve. 

Land Reclamation Laws

California legislators begin to revise mining laws and standards.   In particular, they begin rethinking reclamation laws.