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Jacob Hockman

Jacob Hockman
Elementary School Student
It’s had a very good impact on me because of all the Nature.

Jacob Hockman came to Cache Creek Nature Preserve during summer camp and had his first leadership experience there.





What have been your favorite experiences?

A couple were fun. The water slide, fishing, and just hiking around here. My favorite experiences here were being a leader and helping the kids [to] learn.

What impact has the place have had on you?

It had a very good impact on me because of all the nature around me and how much fun I've had here.

Do you want to share some of the stories that you've written?

This is my second time at Cache Creek, but this is the first time as a leader. This is summer camp, but it's not just camping. I also do a ton of fun activity. My job as a leader is to help the little kids. My station is fishing. It is one of the easier stations, but it is the longest. I teach them how to fish and help untangle the lines. Oh, here is my first class. I said, "Hi kids. When I give you a fishing pole, I want you to tell me what your names are." They all looked up at me and then just walked by, collecting their poles, and then told me their names. But they all had some snags. I was then teaching them how to fish, and I don't think anyone listened because they were casting their lines. One kid caught his finger, tore off his skin. He got a talk after the lesson. The only kid who actually did good was a boy who caught a frog, without casting his line. He got in the water and grabbed a frog.

Written by: 
Albee Wei

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